Condense it Down, the Mantra of Training

Decreasing the Time and Increasing the Effectiveness of Company Training

Honey, I have shrunk the training budget again!   Rick Moraines, in 1989, came out with the feel good movie “Honey, I have Shrunk the Kids.” Following in this concept, many organizational leaders have have continually cut the time allocated to employee training sessions. For example, week long training has been condensed into 3 days, 1 day training into 2 hours, etc.

Condensed training  is a reality in today’s’ organizations, and it does not appear to be going away, leading HR will have to learn ways to deal with this time limitation.  In the short video clip, below, Apex Training illustrates how designing training into three stages can make it more effective.

  1. Lead-in or pre-training
  2. Formal delivery of training or learning and linking
  3. Post training or living it

Source: Apex Training,  The above constitutes a link to the source website.  Please click on the play icon to stream the video.

HR can assist organizations with training design by learning how to integrate these three stages into any corporate training initiative.

Discussion Questions

  1. According to Apex training, what can be done to improve training delivery results by 15 times?
  2. Why are developing learning objectives so important in training delivery?
  3. How can you improve the learners’ readiness to learn?
  4. In the formal delivery section, what percentages of practical to technical information does Apex recommend using for optimal learning?
  5. What are the value of using action plans in learning?
  6. In what stage are the action plans used by the learner?


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