How to Stop Your Employees from Quitting

Fifty percent of the time your employees will not make their one year anniversary.

Source: GalaStudio/Shutterstock
Source: GalaStudio/Shutterstock

One year, five year, ten year work anniversaries; these are important milestones that are becoming rare in the working world. Retention of employees is always a number one concern for any HR professional. HR retention specialists speak of many different strategies on why your employees quit and how to prevent them from leaving.

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) does not ask why your employees are leaving your organization? The question they recommend you consider has something to do with time? Any ideas?

Click here to watch a video from the Harvard Business Review.

Did the video surprise you? The question that is important to ask is when are your employees quitting? According to the HBR most employees are quitting on their one year anniversary and then continue to quit on further work anniversaries. Harvard research is not sure why this is occurring, but it is. The next question HR departments must ask themselves is what strategies do we have to prevent the anniversary quitter?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Your Company’s CEO has just watch this video and has requested a meeting with the HR department. It is the CEO’s expectation that the HR Department will present specific ideas to reduce the number of anniversary quitters.
  2. What ideas will you present at that meeting?