Failure to Perform: Part 2

Reach a goal concept with businessman running on a treadmill for money
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What are the researchers saying about performance incentive plans?

Daniel Pink is a world-renowned leading author on workplace motivation and performance. He has done some compelling research and has developed some very interesting insights on what really motivates us to perform. His studies were well-designed and replicated in North America and in other countries.

The research is very interesting and at times confusing. Sometimes money is a motivator and improves performance, but there are times money is not a motivator and actually leads to poorer performance. Many organizations, managers and HR departments do not truly understand the complex interaction of money as an incentive to employee’s behaviours. Here is a short video clip that does a great job at summarizing his motivational research.

Click here to find out want Daniel Pink’s money motivation secrets are.

Daniel Pink also provides us with three key insights on how to truly motivate individual performance. Some companies have one insight, some have two, but very few companies use all three of Daniel Pink’s insights to get the best performance out of their employees. How can HR lead the way and bring this type of research into business operations?

Discussion Questions

  1. After watching the video clip explain when money is a good motivator for individual performance and when is it not?
  2. What are the three key insights to motivation? Why is it so difficult for organizations to implement these key insights to obtain greater employee performance?

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