Strategic Compensation in Canada

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Strategic Compensation in Canada, 6th Edition
Richard Long | Parbudyal Singh
ISBN-13: 9780176657161    © 2018

Strategic Compensation in Canada is part of the market-leading Nelson Series in Human Resources Management. In this sixth edition, we welcome Dr. Parbudyal Singh onto the project, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, while maintaining the foundation built by the late Dr. Richard Long. Recognizing that no single compensation systems fits all organizations, the authors provide a systematic framework for identifying and designing a compensation system that will add value to an organization and meet their overall goals. While other resources focus on the behavioural principles in compensation or the technical details of compensation, Strategic Compensation in Canada goes beyond and includes a balanced, comprehensive, and integrated presentation of strategic, behavioural, and technical principles. Our inclusion of the strategic aspects, along with the behavioral and technical, provides students with a fulsome approach, ensuring a better understanding of all aspects when creating effective compensation systems.

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