Wading Through the Hiring Pool

The Benefits of Expanding Your Recruitment Strategies.

A wise person once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Some say this quote is from Albert Einstein, or perhaps Mark Twain, or Ben Franklin – Click here for more on this mystery! Whoever said it is not as important as what it means. While most of us have heard this insight we fail to apply it! This holds true for HR professionals trying to recruit new employees.

A recent report from the Career Advisory Board states that 75% of Recruiters and Hiring Managers wouldn’t hire outside of their local geographical area. Additionally, the report found that only 7% of those job seekers have the right combination of skills required.

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If so few Hiring Managers and Recruiters think there is not enough qualified talent in their area, why are they still recruiting in their own backyards?

A majority of companies say they will not hire outside their geographical area, but they also say they cannot find the suitable candidates in their geographical area. It is this type of limited thinking that creates a significant barrier prohibiting the success of an organizations HR recruitment practices. Having a 7% success rate for finding a skilled and qualified talent pool leaves us wondering, where is the other 93%?

It should be time for HR to expand its thinking on recruitment and go beyond the narrow, shallow hiring boundaries to explore the depths of available talent pools outside one’s own familiar backyard.

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Discussion Questions:

  1.  Why do you think most organizations are reluctant to hire outside their local geographical areas?
  2. What would be some of the additional costs of recruiting employees outside the organizations’ local geographical area?
  3. If you were presenting a business case to your VP of HR about sourcing employees from other locations, what strategies would you present?