Here is a Health and Safety Career for You

Woman on a wheelchair and her co-worker

Disability Management Professional Designation

Are you looking for HR career with large demand and a low supply of qualified individuals, think about a career in disability management. According to the International Association of Professionals in Disability Management (IAPDM), disability managers are a job in demand and the future looks bright. Here is some research from the IAPDM:

  • There is currently a shortage of qualified and competent return to work coordinators and disability management professionals.
  • More than 75% of employers forecast an increased demand for these individuals in the next two to five years due to an aging workforce and increasing disability costs and return-to-work obligations.
  • Employers believe that enhanced education would improve disability management outcomes.

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There are many other factors driving demand for qualified disability managers such as

  • Increasing disability costs
  • An aging workforce
  • More government legislation on accommodation
  • The increase in mental health issues in the workplace

If you are an HR student with an interest in workplace wellness, return to work and disability management you should investigate becoming a Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP), it is a growing career in demand.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Research the required qualifications to become a CDMP.

    Click here to start researching.

  2. Create a five minute presentation for your VP of HR on the importance of having a disability management program in your workplace. Include a business case on the benefits for hiring a disability manager.