Links to Learning

No matter what course you are taking, if you are using this textbook, you are learning about learning.

Hopefully, somewhere along the path of your studies, there have been some ‘ah-ha’ moments and perhaps some questions that have heightened your curiosity about adult learning styles and your own learning process.

Source: leungchopan/Shutterstock
Source: leungchopan/Shutterstock

Due to the benefits of digital technology, our collective ability to access learning as part of the Human Resources community has never been greater.  The shift to digital resources has forced us to move from being narrow and focused only on training,  into active and continuously engaged in providing life-long learning opportunities, no matter what organization you may serve.

With so many online resources,  it can be difficult to navigate what may, or may not, be useful. An excellent Canadian resource for on-going learning is The Institute for Performance and Learning, formerly known as the Canadian Society for Training and Development.  Through the institute’s website you will find good resources for work-performance related tools and an opportunity to become part of the larger community of certified learning and training professionals.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How has your own learning style changed over the course of your academic studies?
  2. Why has the Institute for Performance and Learning moved through a re-branding process?
  3. What benefit does additional certification, in the area of Training and Development, provide for you as a Human Resources Professional?