Executive Coaching – Benefit or Not?

Can executive coaching be an effective on-the-job development tool?  Yes!

Executive coaching has been around for a long time and is often used as an On-the-Job (OTJ) training and development method. Yet, many organizations have not taken the time to explore the executive coaching topic in great detail.

Let’s take a quick journey through the myths and research surrounding executive coaching. First, the myths. In the following article from Human Resources Director, Volume 3.04, they succinctly outline some coaching myths, including:

  • Coaching is for remedial help
  • Coaching is only for those that lack specific skills
  • To be a good executive coach, the coach had to be an executive

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Because of the above myths, many executives see coaching as a weakness rather than a benefit. In reality, coaching can help them reach greater inner and outer potential.

Let’s add some research to the myth busting.  The Ivey Business Journal identified the benefits of executive coaching, as follows:

  • Continuous one-on-one attention
  • Expanded thinking through dialogue with a curious outsider
  • Self-awareness, including blind spots
  • Personal accountability for development
  • Just-in-time learning

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Two of my personal favourite benefits are, personal accountability, and just-in-time learning. Coaching can benefit all employees within an organization while greatly assisting some of the most expensive company assets – Executives.

The next time you receive push back when coaching is suggested, use the information in these two articles as positive ammunition for coaching.

Discussion Question

  1. You have been asked to develop a proposal to introduce an executive coaching program. What arguments will you present to get your organization to support this kind of training initiative?